“Remanufacturing is the ultimate form of recycling because it extends product life and provides quality products. At the same time, remanufacturing is a very labour intensive job and thus has become an engine for job creation.” G8 Summit Meeting statement – Savannah, Ga., June 8-10, 2004
For its members, FIRM monitors on a day to day basis the implementation and development of EU and International policies which may or do impact the work of engine remanufacturers in Europe. The aim of FIRM is ultimately to partake in the shaping of new policies at the earliest stage through its activities as an interest group representative registered within the European institutions.

From the technical side, FIRM has collaborated with its international partner associations AERA and NZERA in order to provide engine remanufacturers with a state of the art IT tool for remanufacturing, PRO-SIS SA, which contains more than 7000 engine specifications.

By the day remanufacturing is becoming more and more important in terms of activity, turnover and employment. To promote good practices, FIRM endeavours to establish a pan-European Code of Practice of engine remanufacturing on the basis of those already existing in some countries such as in the UK or Germany.

FIRM is also supporting the organisation of the ReMaTec fair in Amsterdam, the largest international trade fair for automotive remanufacturing. In 2013 ReMaTec2013 was visited over 3,500 times by professionals from 63 countries and the different seminars drew a total of 300 visitors.